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School Info

School Hours

8:30 A.M. -- 3:40 P.M.

  • Morning bell to enter school rings at 8:15 A.M.
  • Please avoid checking students out after 3:15 P.M. as this interferes with dismissal.
  • Students checking out in the morning may be counted absent for a whole or half day depending upon the check-out time.
  • Class times vary amongst classes and grade levels.
  • Lunch and recess times are based upon grade-level.
    • 4th Grade 11:25-11:45-12:05
    • 5th Grade 11:50-12:10-12:30
    • 6th Grade 12:15-12:35-12:55


No guests or visitors, except those on official school business, will be permitted during school hours. All visitors must report to the office for authorization to move throughout the building. A visitor's badge will be issued. Those in the building without a visitor's badge will be stopped and questioned. Unauthorized individuals found in the building or on school property are subject to trespassing charges. Please make certain that cellphone devices are silenced to avoid disrupting instruction in classrooms.

Dress Code Regulations

  1. All students will wear the designated school uniform clothing as outlined in the uniform policy. All clothing must be worn as designed by the manufacturer. (No tying outerwear around the waist or neck).
  2. The wearing of uniforms which are oversized, baggy, sagging, or extremely tight fitting is prohibited. Oversized uniform pants are determined to be pants that are more than one size larger.
  3. Pants must be hemmed and side slits are not permitted. Pants cannot be made of denim material (jeans). Corduroy is not allowed.
  4. Belts may not be more than one size larger than the waist. All students must wear belts if pants have loops. Waistbands should be worn on waist.
  5. Shirts must be worn tucked in at all times. Undergarments must not be visible.
  6. Uniform shirt collars must be visible when wearing a sweatshirt.
  7. All apparel in grades 4-12 must be no shorter than 5 inches from the floor when kneeling.
  8. Footwear must be worn to school, and students are encouraged to wear socks. Students wearing shorts, skirts, or skorts must wear socks, which are white, black, or khaki.
  9. Slippers, sandals, backless shoes, or flip-flops are not acceptable.
  10. Body piercing (except for the ears) that is visible will be prohibited. (Example: nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows, etc.) Only one earring on each ear allowed. Earrings should not exceed the size of the ear lobe.
  11. Students will not be allowed to wear ornate or cumbersome jewelry. Jewelry around the neck must be worn inside the uniform shirt.
  12. New students to the parish will be given two weeks from the date of enrollment to obtain the required uniform.

Student Absences

Elementary students must be present a minimum of 167 days per year.  Tardies to school are addressed as attendance issues by the TPSD.  Students who are habitually late to school will be referred to the Child Welfare and Attendance Office.

A student must have a written excuse every time he/she is absent.  A student with an excused or verified absence is permitted to make-up work that has been missed.  It is the responsibility of the student to make up any work missed.  Work not made up will result in an F

Excused absences are defined as those for which a student presents a valid doctor's excuse, a copy of an obituary for a death in the family, presents a court excuse, or has an extenuating circumstance as listed in Bulletin 741:1.055.06.  All absences, except for those listed above, are included when counting the total allowed.


Students are NOT allowed to charge meals.

Please call the cafeteria satellite manager, Viola Ford, with questions about meal payments at (985) 446-7773.

See link below for meal pricing and monthly menu. 

Medicine Policy

Medicine taken on a regular basis must have an "Authorization form for Medication" that must be completed and signed by the doctor prescribing the medicine.

Principals, teachers, and other faculty members are prohibited to give students medication.  A health aide is available in the office to administer medication or when specisl circumstances exist.  Only certified staff can administer medication.

Students are not allowed to possess prescribed or over-the-counter medicine. This includes medicated cough drops and syrups, sore throat lozenges, topical ointments, aspirin, Tylenol, medicated lip balm, eye drops for contacts, and any type of topical lotion.

Any student in posession of prescriptive medicine or over the counter medications is considered in violation of the medication policy.  Discipline procedures will be followed accordingly.